About Us


Our History

Justin has 20 years  professional dog training experience in New Jersey. At the age of 15 he got involved in Weight pull, Conformation and other Sporting events. He moved on to Decoying and Competing in Protection Sports as well as Decoying and Training Police Working Dogs. His unique background sets him apart from other trainers in his field.

Justin's passion for dog training is unsurpassed in his field. He strives to enhance the relationship between owners and their dogs through balanced training. He utilizes a proven, consistent and reliable training system that works. Justin has been fortunate enough to be able to train and learn from one side of the country to the next in order to really fill up his tool box of knowledge while adapting to the individual dog that is in front of him. Justin has a tremendous amount of experience dealing with behavior modification and aggression issues. He continually pursues further knowledge of dog training in many different applications by training with some of the top canine trainers in the world.




 As balanced Dog Trainers, we deliver  very clear, consistent, real world results with all of our programs. Our goal is to tailor each training package to the dog we have in front of us. We realized long ago that there is no cookie cutter approach that works in dog training. Each dog needs something different and requires a different approach. Using our base training philosophy we adapt to each dog as needed to reach the same end goal. We service Bergen County, Passaic County, Sussex County, Morris County, Hudson County, Essex County, Orange County, Rockland County. 


Police K-9 Program

Our Police K-9 Program is something we are extremely proud of. Justin has been a decoy and trainer with many agencies in the state of New Jersey as well as supplying dogs to Departments around the country. He prides himself on quality over quantity and delivering a Police K-9 that can be functional and reliable on the street in every single environment it is exposed to. Our breeding program is a vital tool to us providing Top Of The Line Working Police K-9's to agencies around the country. All of the dogs in our program have been imported from only the finest working stock available in Holland.