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Police K-9 Program

Police K-9 Importing, Sales, Training and Breeding

Tri-State K-9 Services primary goal is to preserve the old school Dutch police dog, we are not reinventing the wheel, we didn't create these dogs, we are lucky enough to have them from generations of successful established programs overseas.  Quality and success of our dogs is of our utmost priority. 

 We provide both green and pretrained single/dual-purpose police K-9's. We train patrol, tracking, obedience, article searches, and detection (drugs or explosives).  We offer top quality working Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, and Labrador Retrievers. We have fostered close relationships with several working dog kennels and breeders in Europe and the US for many years. This partnership gives us access to many working dogs to choose from (puppies, green dogs, started, older dogs, and titled dogs) and affords us with the opportunity to retain the best possible quality of working dogs for you. A good K-9 team should hope for the best, but train for the absolute worst. Although anyone can wear a bite sleeve, not everyone has the skill or experience to decoy for a police service dog. We bring our dogs to a higher level of confidence to endure the stress your dog may face in a “use of force” deployment.  Without question, a lack of decoy skill will reflect in the performance of your dog. In order to improve the dog’s performance, an experienced decoy is needed. We provide 15+ years of decoying experience from Early Puppy Development to High Risk Deployment Scenarios.