raw dog food


You love your dog — from his cold, wet nose to his wagging tail. And feeding him a high-quality diet is arguably the most important step you can take to keep him healthy and ensure he lives life to the fullest. But with so many choices — and so many differing opinions — how can you decide on the best dog food?

In the past, feeding a dog generally meant lugging home bags of kibble or canned food from the pet store. But most pet owners today agree that dogs aren’t just pets – they’re part of the family. And as they learned about the benefits of the raw diet, some owners began to offer homemade food. Others turned to freeze-dried or dehydrated raw food in hopes of providing the nutritional benefits while minimizing hassle. However, today, an increasing number of pet owners are choosing what is perhaps the most healthful and convenient option: carefully formulated raw food delivered to their homes.

 Take a long look at your dog. Does she appear to be in top-notch health? An improper diet can lead to a host of issues, from obesity to heart disease.  Even for dogs who don’t suffer from health issues, feeding a top-quality raw diet can enhance energy level, behavior, and general mood. Just as you feel better when you eat real, natural meals rather than processed food, dogs tend to thrive when their owners forgo processed nuggets in favor of a raw diet. “Providing dogs with a fresh, raw, varied diet will greatly enhance their joy of life, along with their health,” says,Dr. Jacqueline Sehn, DVM, from Mercy Vet Veterinary Hospital. 


Here are a few ways raw can enhance your dog’s health and well-being due to being a species-appropriate diet:

Healthy Alternative Pet Diets

We recommend feeding Healthy Alternative Pet Diets. It is a Family Owned and Operated small company that strives for Happy Healthy Pets. They make a very large selection of recipes for your beloved pets taste. We carry the full line of products from Raw Food to Supplements. All blends are available in 1lb, 2lb and 5lb resealable bags, which is great for not having to commit to thawing a large amount of food. For the small breed owners its great because you can seal the 1lb bag for the next day and toss it right in the fridge. 


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